456 means: A mere fucking number, but close to 420. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brenton Moyer)

What else does 456 mean?

  • The phonetic sound that is produced by saying “for your fcks sake”, (or ffs). (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiara Baird)
  • Instead of “four-hundred fifty six”, pronounce “four, five and six”. A race of aliens from the Whovian universe who came to Earth in 1965 to ask for 12 children as a return to get vaccinated against a deadly disease. The virus was set to kill thousands. After the first radio signals they used to contact the United Kingdom, the 456 were given their name. Large, the 456 have three heads and large mandibles. They are trunk-like in appearance. The large bulge on the body of each one is a place for children to hide. Their environment is very toxic. In 2009 the 456 demanded 10 children from the whole world in exchange for safety. As if they were using children as radios, they announced their return by saying “We.” “We are. We’re coming!” Later, the 456 revealed that they had wanted children to be their personal pleasure. They stated the children felt no pain and the hormones prepubescent were like an euphoric drug. Their bodies were connected through veins. Torchwood defeated the 456 shortly after they arrived, although not without losing Ianto Jones or Steven RIP. The radio signals they used for communication were turned against them and the 456 fled Earth. The mass episode entitled “Children of Earth”, covers the five days that the 456 members were in 2009 and is titled after the Mass Episode. (in Community Dictionary, added by Javion Nixon)
  • Ceelo: Automatic win in the ths dice-game (in Community Dictionary, added by Victorino Moreno)