440 means: This is a great way to cool your vehicle when the AC stops working or is not available. (in Community Dictionary, added by Irene Copeland)

What else does 440 mean?

  • This image was taken from the Khmer440 forum, where a molested pile of filth resides. An ex-pat group of small and largely inept men who are unable to accept the fact that they will always be on the “special” bus. They have their tongue firmly fixed at the window, watching as the rest of the world passes them by. (in Community Dictionary, added by Biltong)
  • SlangHood name for the area code 440, which is pronounced “fo foo oh” The area code for Northeast Ohio’s Greater Cleveland is 440. The area code 216 is for Cleveland, and some of its inner ring suburbs. While the 440 is for other cities or suburbs just outside Cleveland, the 440 code refers to all of them. Other area codes within Northeast Ohio Greater Cleveland include the AkronCanton and Youngstown areas. There are several ghettos in the area code 440, including South Lorain and South Central Lorain with Campedo, Central Lorain and most of West Lorain. Nearly all of Lorain can be found at hood SouthsideSW Elyria as well as a part of West Elyria. Other hoods exist, but the majority of the 440 area codes are nice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kason Pennington)
  • Lorain is also known as L-Town. This is the Ghetto Gangsta Kick it Spot. We keep it real. (in Community Dictionary, added by Vanesa Reyes)