3guys1hammer means: Please. Please, don’t watch. (in Community Dictionary, added by Evangeline Donovan)

What else does 3guys1hammer mean?

  • A guy getting murdered. This is something you should never see. You will feel scarred for your entire life. Please, i am saving you from the shitloads of emotions you will never want to feel. You’ll be unable to stop crying, throwing up and having a horrible experience. You’ll be miserable for at least the next week. Please don’t watch this. A screwdriver is used to stab the man in his stomach. They then open his stomach. They then take a hammer to smash open the head. All this happens while the GUY is still alive. You can hear him grumbling, but don’t watch this video. (in Community Dictionary, added by Enrique Delgado)
  • This is something you should never do. Ever. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylie Cortez)
  • This is the unofficial title of the most sickening video online. This video will make you shiver for the rest of your life. The video begins with the victim being bludgeoned with a yellow pipe. As the camera zooms in, the face is no longer identifiable. He then drives a screwdriver into his stomach repeatedly, and finally up through his eyes. The victim remains conscious, able only to make slight movements and make some gurgling sounds. After playing with the victim, the guy steps on his stomach. Then they decide that it is time to murder him. They use a hammer to do their final blows. DO NOT SEE THIS VIDEO. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adrianna Mccarty)