322 means: The number 322 is the symbol for “Skull and Bones”. This is Chapter 322 from the Illuminati Germaniae. The Yale University group was established in 1832 by Phi Beta Kappa pledges William Huntington Russell, and Alphonso Tafft. 1 In 1832-33, the first Skull and Bones class or “cohort” was formed. The society consisted entirely of men until 1992. Russell Trust Association, the company name of the Skull and Bones Society, New Haven, Connecticut, founded in 1856, is The Russell Trust Association. By a special act by the Connecticut state legislature in 1943, the trustees of this trust were exempted from the requirement to file corporate reports with Secretary of State. Antony Sutton, a Hoover Institution scholar, has detailed the political and business network of Skull and Bones in his expose America’s Secret Establishment. Bohemian Grove, a redwood forest covering 2700 acres, is one of the social organizations that are part of Russell Trust’s covert activities network. It can also be found in Monte Rio (CA), and Deer Island Club Tavares Fl 32778. These groups operate as corporations. Bones have produced many influential people, while influential families often have multiple generations. The Bonesmen include U.S. Presidents George H. W. Bush and Prescott Bush as well as Supreme Court Justices and business leaders. John Kerry and George W. Bush both were Skull and Bones members. Although they were asked about Skull and Bones on TV, both refused to discuss their shared membership. Bush: It’s so mysterious I don’t want to talk about it.” Interviewer: What does this mean for America? Bush declined to answer this question. Kerry refused to answer that question in another interview. Kerry also said, “Well, not much. It’s a secret… Kerry said that he wished he could create something in another interview. (in Community Dictionary, added by Carolyn Arellano)

What else does 322 mean?

  • The term “322” refers to a team that wins in multiplayer online games. It is used to denote a losing team or throwing out the match. Losing could be due to personal gain, i.e. Winning a wager. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mónica Vázquez)