11 means: You are probably the most kind person on the planet if you’re 11 years old right now. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ana Márquez)

What else does 11 mean?

  • This number is so absurd, it’s almost funny (in Community Dictionary, added by Antonio Allison)
  • When something is truly exceptional, it gets rated number one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Bianca Gentry)
  • The “10” is what you swallow. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fatima Levine)
  • This is the most effective way to express laughter through chat messages. It was originally used by Age of Empires II gamers, but is now widespread. Sources: “11 Equals ‘lol’ 111 Equals to ‘lmao’ 1111 Equals ‘LMAO’ 11111 Equals ‘OMG lol lol’ 111111 Equals.. Whatever you wish it to be. For instance: “LOL ROFL MOJO WTF 11” – T90Official Age of Empires II Youtuber “11”, Synonymous when used to terms like “lol” and “kek”, is a reference in audio to a taunt from the 1999 videogame Age of Empires II, with the intent of exchanging laughter or amusement. Source: AoE2 Reddit user Hjoerleif The taunt “11” is from Age of Empires 2 and plays a clip of someone laughing when it’s used in chat. This is basically the LOL before lol, or the lol of Age of Empires 2 for all of its players. 11″ Source: AoE2 Reddit user dimanor3. (in Community Dictionary, added by Winston Braun)
  • 1 louder, innit. This is the highest number in rock. This is the ultimate number in rock and roll. Turn it up to 11 if you want that extra push on the edge. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaden Snyder)