1090 means: This is the most tight mullet ever made. (in Community Dictionary, added by Finn Mccall)

What else does 1090 mean?

  • Flat-top mullet designed for rock star 80’s. (in Community Dictionary, added by Esperanza Molina)
  • Pronounced: Ten-Ninty. Literal translation: 10% on the top and 90 percent at the back. Better known by the name “The Mullet” The Mullet is not a haircut. Mullet is an expression of your life. It is the way you live. Physical Description: A Mullet (or 1090) is defined by short, straight hair at the top, sides, and back, with a longer, more voluminous tail. The mullet is often adorned with moustaches and goatees. The research on the phenomenon of the mullet is in its early stages. Many top labs suggest that as the mullet matures, it begins to develop tentacles in the brains of victims. These affect many areas of the brain, and can alter candidate’s behaviour and actions. Said behavioural changes mainly include extreme agression, the proclivity to consume large amounts of alcohol, pedophilia, lack of hygeine, dramatic reduction in inhibitions often bolstered by the consumption of alcohol, sense of paranoia and distrust towards authoritygovernmental figures, and most importantly – steadily decreasing IQ levels. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mylee Sweeney)
  • Ten-Ninety Grimey, 10 Loyalty 90 (in Community Dictionary, added by Olga Martínez)